Windyhill Golf Club welcomes applications for membership.

Currently, there is no Joining Fee but members are able to spread the cost of membership over several months with the Windyhill Direct Debit Scheme. There is no extra charge for the Scheme.

An online Membership Application Form is available or applicants can visit our club office or email to find out more about joining Windyhill.

Windyhill has 18 holes and a practice area with nets and a covered bay.

Tel 0141 942 2349 ext 1 [office] ext 2 [lounge].


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Categories & Subscription Fees 2024

Ordinary £1055
Intermediate A [aged 26-28] £820
Intermediate B [aged 23-25] £730
Youth A [aged 21-22] £515
Youth B [aged 18-20] £250
Junior A [aged 15-17] £85
Junior B [aged 10-14] £50
Family £1120
Weekday £875
Social £20

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